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Which Type of Disposable Contact Lenses Suit Your Lifestyle?

by Hanna Guiang

There are a lot of ways for us to have clearer vision and one of them is wearing contact lenses. Also, due to hygiene purposes which were heightened by the current pandemic, most people prefer disposable contacts because they can easily be disposed of and are low maintenance.

Depending on your needs there are two types of disposable lenses that you can choose from - daily disposables and monthly disposables.

Daily disposable lenses are usually sold in a box of 10 or box of 30 and are usually disposed of after single use. While monthly disposable lenses are good to use up to 30-days and are usually stored and cleaned after every use and disposed of within 30-days from first usage.

Wondering what type of contact lenses suits your personality and lifestyle? Read below to know more about disposable contact lenses and know which one suits you best.


Being a mom requires you to be efficient especially when you are juggling child rearing, household chores, and these days working from home. Having a spare daily disposable contact lenses can be your best buddy when you have a full schedule of multitasking, especially when you have kids around.

This gives you more freedom to move around without worrying about dropping your eyeglasses or fogging them while running errands.

When it comes to buying contact lenses, Ava Te-Zabat, a mommy blogger, prefers to use daily disposable contact lenses as she switches between her eye glasses and contact lenses depending on what she’s doing. As a mom herself, she finds using daily disposable contact lenses cost efficient, when asked why, she said “I only get it when I need it, if I don’t use it I have the luxury of no buying at the moment.”

Dailies AquaComfort Plus is a daily disposable contact lens that has a blink-activated moisture to ensure clear vision and great comfort throughout the day.


Beauty vloggers often show various content that are heavy on aesthetics. Whether it be a GRWM vlog or a make-up tutorial, each video needs to be unique and having different colored lenses can help create a more distinct look.

Using colored daily disposable contact lenses is more reasonable than opening a lot of monthly disposable all at the same time just for one vlog.

As shared by Genzel Delas Alas, a beauty and lifestyle vlogger, “I usually wear contact lenses with color because it’s dual purpose, I get to have clear vision at the same time I can look prettier. Using Freshlook One Day really gives a fresh look and you can match the colors depending on the look you want to create.”

Get stunningly gorgeous eyes with Freshlook One Day. It comes in a 10-piece pack available in colors Pure Hazel, Blue, Green, and Gray.


As an athlete or a gym enthusiast, going to practice or doing workouts is already part of your lifestyle. While having a poor eyesight might hinder your performance, many opt to wear monthly disposable contact lenses to ensure great vision and ease of movement.

Karl Baysa, a pro volleyball player and user of monthly disposable contact lenses, shared with us how important it is to have a great vision when playing sports. When asked how important are his contact lenses during games, he said that, “The contact lenses, it’s not that I’m dependent on it, but it’s one of my tools or equipment I use to better my game.”

If you are looking for great monthly disposable contact lenses, you can check out Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde. It is a silicone hydrogel contact lens that feels clean, comfortable and hydrated all day and all month long. It also offers Smartshield Technology to keep your eyes safe from all the germs and dirt build-up that can cause your eyes some irritation.

Whatever your lifestyle is, having poor eyesight does not have to hinder you from living a good life. Let your eyes experience great comfort and continue to move and live freely with ALCON Daily and Monthly disposable contact lenses.

You can visit your eye practitioner to know more about the perfect disposable lens that suits your lifestyle. To learn more about Alcon contact lenses, you can visit Alcon Go Contacts Website.

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